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To assist the classroom teacher or case manager in maintaining and delivering appropriate classroom activities in an environment that allows students to learn effectively.

To assist students in making progress towards IEP goals and coordinate/provide accommodations per students’ IEP’s, while operating under the direction of the classroom teacher, case manager, or Director of Special Services.

Teacher and OTHS Director of Special Services/Administration

1.      Must meet ISBE and NCLB requirements for paraprofessionals
2.      Must be highly dependable with regard to regular work attendance and punctual arrival
3.      Must possess the ability to work well with students, staff, and parents
4.      Must possess personal fitness sufficient to participate in:
(a)  Safe therapeutic physical restraints under the guidance of trained certified staff members;
(b)  Safe lifting and transferring of students when neede;
(c)  The exertion of force from 20 to 100 pounds as needed;
(d)  Active physical interaction and supervision during instructional and recreational programming
5.     Previous medical experience/knowledge preferred

Alternatives to the above qualifications may be considered by the Director of Special Services, Principal, and/or the Superintendent depending on the specifics of the position.

DUTIES AND PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
1.      Assist in creating a safe and appropriate environment for instruction.
2.      Assist in implementing and recording data according to the students’ IEPs.
3.      Track and record student behavioral data.
4.      Assist in demonstrating everyday social skills to the children in the assigned classroom.
5.      Assist students with inclusion activities.
6.      Assist students with organizational tasks.
7.      Assist in caring for the medical needs of the students as necessary.
8.      Establish purposeful relationships with the students.
9.      Assist the students in becoming more independent.
10.    Work to maintain the personal care of the students in the assigned classroom.
11.    Assist students with daily living tasks (e.g. toileting, hygiene, feeding, etc.).
12.    Assist students with various types of communication activities.
13.    Assist students in completion of their classroom assignments.
14.    Serve as a student advocate.
15.    Help in the identification of students needing social work assistance and/or consultation.
16.    Assist with student behavior management under the direction of the classroom teacher.
17.    Assist in crisis intervention activities when necessary, and adhere to the principles of the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) when behavioral issues arise.
18.    Assist in preparing students for transition from the high school setting.
19.    Accompany students to/from class as part of assisting with inclusion.
20.    Engage in activities related to the transportation of students to and from the classroom, school activities, and community outings.
21.    Assist students in getting on/off the school bus, as necessary.
22.    Supervise students in a variety of settings during the instructional day under the guidance of the classroom teacher or case manager.
23.    Assist students in benefiting from community experience activities.
24.    Monitor students during class exchanges.
25.    Help to maintain discipline in the classroom setting.
26.    Prepare documentation for IEP goals and progress reports.
27.    Engage with students on a one-on-one basis to implement goals under the direction of the classroom teacher.
28.    Clean and store classroom materials used by students.
29.    Assist in setting up and putting away classroom equipment and materials.
30.    Maintain communication with students’ parents under the supervision/guidance of the classroom teacher or case manager.
31.    Take measures to maintain classroom safety for the benefit of student and anyone present in the educational environment.
32.    Work effectively and cooperatively as part of a classroom team in an effort to help the students succeed.
33.    Complete the paperwork necessary for Medicaid reimbursement, if applicable.
34.    Assist related service personnel in providing services to students.
35.    Coordinate and schedule readers and rooms for test and quiz accommodations per student IEP’s (includes finding readers, available rooms, notification to students and readers of test/quiz reading details, and clerical duties with tests/quizzes).
36.    Assist in the coordination of Re-evaluation dates and annual review date information for all incoming freshmen and new students and create lists of these dates for the upcoming school year (includes locating re-evaluation dates and confirming this date with past documentation).
37.    Adhere to the directives of the classroom teacher or case manager.
38.    Perform supervision duties before and after school, as assigned by administration.
39.    Seek guidance from other staff members when necessary.
40.    Engage in professional development activities as required by supervisor.
41.    Maintain confidentiality at all times with regard to students and student information.
42.    Abide by all applicable laws and comply with all OTHS policies and procedures (e.g. business department, attendance, computer/internet, schedule, internal paperwork, etc.).
43.    Perform other duties as assigned.

This position is works 9-months, 7.5 hr/day position, starting pay $16.00 per hour as determined by the Agreement between Board of Education OTHS District No. 203 and OFT Local 3939 Paraprofessional Council, plus benefits. Credentials include: Teacher Licensure, Substitute Teacher Licensure or Paraprofessional licensure approved by the Illinois State Board of Education Educators Licensure Information System (“ELIS”) and registered in St. Clair County.

Paraprofessionals having prior years of public school service as a full-time paraprofessional or full-time teacher before intially being hired at OTHS will be eligible for a $0.20/hour service bonus at the end of each school year. Various conditions apply and will be explained to candidates during the interview.

In addition to submitting your on line application at, please upload a photocopy of your Illinois Educators Licensure Information System (“ELIS”) credential record/approval, a resume, a photocopy of your college transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and any additional supporting materials that you would like included with your application.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital, veteran status, or the presence of a non-job-related medical condition, or disability. In compliance with the immigration reform and control act of 1986, District 203 intends to hire only individuals authorized to work in the U.S.

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