AA#3754 Data Literacy: Achievement, School Improvement & Accountability

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
PDC Member Districts $130.00, Non PDC Member Districts $156.00 (Lunch is included on site) The purpose of this course will be to provide administrators with an in-depth overview of the indicators utilized in the Illinois response to Every Student Success Act (ESSA) accountability system. Included in this workshop will be an overview of the ESSA law, the indicators utilized to designate schools, the requirements of schools designated for targeted and comprehensive support, funding support provided through the Title I - School Improvement 1003(a) Grant, and the requirements of the grant process including the use of the ISBE IWAS portal. In addition, participants will be exposed to the reports utilized for the annual designations available in IWAS. Participants will also discuss school improvement alignment to ensure positive student achievement. Although time will be devoted to those designated for improvement, this academy will be important for every school due to the annual calculation of the summative index score. Time will also be provided for participants to share experiences, barriers to student achievement, successful innovative ideas on student achievement, and communication opportunities for participants to guide stakeholder knowledge in their community PD hours can be issued for attending educators, CEU's can be issued for attending social workers
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Purposeful Play Virtual Follow-Up (Virtual)

We learned about PLAY, we met some new early childhood teacher friends, and we got to explore a real Kindergarten classroom with ample play opportunities at Abraham Lincoln Elementary. Let's get together virtually after we're all back in action and implementing some of our best ideas and take-aways from the June workshop! Come prepared to share what you've tried, what's working, questions still circling, and more. Let's improve our practice by leaning on this new network to glean more amazing ideas and support!
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A Concert of Creation: Becoming a Facilitator of Learning through Music

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
Join us for a day of fun and learning. This K-8 general music workshop will address creative ways to facilitate student led learning through creation, improvisation, and Children's Literature. You will not want to miss this day of singing, saying, dancing, and playing.
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Virtual Book Study: True Stories of Special Needs Families

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
Those Who "Can't..." Teach; True Stories of Special Needs Families to Promote Acceptance, Inclusion, and Empathy (1 hour meeting, 1 x a week for 5 weeks ) (K-12). Registered participants will have to purchase the book independently. Why would a teacher write a book and make the title from a saying no teacher likes? As teachers we all hate the saying "Those who can do and those who can't teach" right? We hate it because it insinuates that somehow we are less than all the other professions and that we aren't capable. The people in the pages of this book feel that way all the time, too. Each chapter is a different true story of an individual or family who were told, "You can't (be happy, have a fulfilling life, walk, talk, read, write, go to college, etc)" by a medical professional, teacher, school system, family member, friend, etc. and many are still hearing those words every day. These stories are written from the student and/or parent's perspective after many hours of interviews. Shelley Kenow knows each individual in the book and has had the privilege of teaching a few of them. She ends each chapter with what she was taught by knowing the individual, family, or both. You will come away with a changed perspective of a "day in the life" of a child with a disability and their families lives which will likely change the way you teach. Week 1 Sept 7 4-5 PM My Story and Raymond Week 2 Sept 14 4-5 PM Allen and Mike Week 3 Sept 21 4-5 PM Linus and James Week 4 Sept 28 4-5 PM David and Rose Week 5 Oct 5 4-5 PM Kathleen and Wyatt
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AA# 2000 IL Perf. Eval.-Initial Principal Eval. Training (2 days September 8 & 9)

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
PDC Member District $207.00, Non PDC Member District $259.00 (lunch included each day) This is a two-day course and will be held September 8 & September 9, 2022. This two-day course is required for Initial Principal Evaluators (this is not the retraining course for Principal Evaluators). AA # 2000 will cover all aspects of principal evaluations, including professional practice and student growth data. This AA requires pre-work to be completed prior to the first day the course meets. Participants must attend both days of the course and complete the required Application for Dissemination for each day to receive credit for AA2000. Starting 1/01/2021, successful completion of the two-day AA2000 course will be the only avenue for an educator to become initially certified as a Principal Evaluator. This two-day AA is worth one AA credit.
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K-12 Principal Breakaway

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
Join your fellow Principals while we discuss current issues and topics related to your positions. OTHS # 203 Principal Rich Bickel will be presenting on "Navigating the Do's and Don'ts of Difficult Conversations." Effective communication is a cornerstone of effective leadership. This session will focus on helping administrators, and other leaders, create an effective, productive, and positive framework for engaging in difficult conversations. Whether it be in person, on the phone, or through email, specific strategies and real-life examples will be shared to help increase confidence and lower stress while most effectively engaging with colleagues, parents, students, and others. These practical strategies have been proven to foster effective communication, promote a positive school climate, and best of all can be implemented immediately.
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K-12 Instructional Coaching Symposium (2 days)

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
This two-day instructional coaching workshop (September 13 & 14)  provides an introduction to foundational coaching skills including how to develop a coaching relationship. The workshop will focus on the consideration of individual learning styles and personality types when coaching as well as examining SEL strategies to use with staff to build a healthy balance of trust in and out of the classroom setting. The workshop will provide an introduction to key questioning and listening skills that are important to utilize when engaged in coaching conversations. Strategies for conducting classroom observations and providing feedback will also be addressed. Break out sessions will focus on topics related to building and marketing a coaching program, coaching the reluctant and how instructional coaches can lead and support professional learning.
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10 Techniques to get kids Talking

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
Workshop Description:
This session will also be duplicated on November 14, 2022.
Do you struggle with student engagement? If so, this hands-on workshop offers an inside look at 10 techniques to transform your students into active learners and standout leaders. With over 40 years of combined experience serving as self-contained classroom teachers, departmentalized classroom teachers, curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches, administrators, and college professors in teacher education, Dr. Brandy Hempen and Dr. Dee Ann Schnautz have truly seen it all. This is exactly why all K-8 teachers, coaches, and administrators should join them in this one-day workshop highlighting 10 collaboration techniques that will take classroom discussions to the next level.
In their book, 10 Techniques to get Students Talking, the pair highlights low-prep, high impact, research-based techniques that will increase student engagement on a whole new level. Not only will you be exposed to the techniques, but you'll see real classroom footage showcasing the strategies in action allowing you to feel the magic. Additionally, you'll be provided with templates and PDFs so that you can print and use the resources the very next day. Leave this workshop with their book and an understanding of the following:
  • The power of positive relationships
  • The magic of making mistakes
  • The purpose of precise praise
  • The fearless approach to flexible grouping
  • The quest of creating quality questions
  • The development of dynamic discussions
  • The thrill of timely, tranquil transitions
  • The tangible reward behind time management
  • The impact of setting instructional outcomes
  • The value of student voice
  • The leverage behind meaningful lesson prep
Real educators. Real examples. Real stories. Real fun!
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The Ins & Outs of Trauma & Your Classroom (K-8)

St. Clair ROE 1000 S. Illinois Street, Belleville, IL
This presentation discusses what trauma looks like in a K-8 classroom. Join Whiteside # 115 Social Worker Amy Leritz and classroom teacher Cassie Downs as they will provide you with both perspectives from their current positions. Participants will examine what behaviors you might see from students with trauma and explore strategies to build positive relationships with students. This session will also encourage participants to reflect upon how you as the teacher or staff member manage your students' trauma and behavior. Amy and Cassie will provide some tools for you to use in your classroom and facilitate discussion/strategy sessions around your current struggles in your classrooms. Targeted audience: Educators, Paraprofessionals, Related Support Personnel
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AP/Dean/Director Breakaway

Join your fellow Assistant Principals, Deans, Directors and Specialists at the first breakaway of the 2022-2023 school year. Social Emotional Learning is the big buzzword in education right now. Area 5 Regional Offices of Education SEL Coach Matt Weld will introduce Safe2Help (back of student IDs) share information about a new cohort of SEL Teams for the year-long process of exploring and working at the intersection of SEL and School Improvement. He'll wrap up with some tools and strategies you can use for yourself and with your staff to ensure their buckets are filled when they enter the classroom each day. The remainder of the time together will be spent collaborating and networking around the topic of SEL for students and staff.
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