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Job Description for OTHS Principal
(12 Month Contract)

The Principal of OTHS shall:

1.      Be directly responsible to the superintendent.

2.      Be “student centered” and shall work toward The OTHS Way and Excellence in Education for Every Student Everyday.

3.      Keep superintendent informed regarding all aspects of OTHS.

4.      Be responsible for the supervision of all personnel, curriculum, programs, and activities for OTHS.

5.      Have a working knowledge of accepted educational theory and relevant educational research and shall contribute to the educational profession through personal professional involvement and growth.

6.      Attend School Board meetings.

7.      Participate in meetings of the Department Chairs, Academic Excellence Team, Administrative Team, SOS (Staff Offering Support), and others requiring administrative leadership as requested.

8.      Interview and recommend prospective employees.

9.      Participate in the review of the Student Handbook and district policies, and shall make suggestions to add, delete and/or modify policies and procedures as needed.

10.  Be the instructional leader of OTHS and shall administer systematic and effective initiatives to improve student achievement and success.

11.  Utilize data to analyze program effectiveness and to identify areas needing modification and/or improvement.

12.  Provide leadership in identifying and solving issues and problems facing OTHS as a district, and the educational profession.

13.  Effectively supervise the instructional performance of the professional staff through a frequent and ongoing observation and evaluation program in an effort to increase student achievement by improving the quality of instruction.

14.  Coordinate and oversee the Master Schedule process.

15.  Effectively supervise and evaluate OTHS support staff.

16.  Act as a role model for expected staff behavior by demonstrating leadership, management, and instructional skills.

17.  Coordinate and oversee implementation of an effective orientation program for newly assigned personnel to OTHS.

18.  Develop, recommend, and implement administrative procedures consistent with federal law, state school law, state board of education and local school board policy.

19.  Promote a positive school climate and interpersonal relationships among students, employees, parents, and community members.

20.  Establish high expectations for student achievement that are directly communicated to students.

21.  Protect instructional time for students while providing adequate staff development/collaboration time.

22.  Effectively organize and manage the general operations of OTHS (i.e. recordkeeping, inventories, custodial services, etc.) and exercise fiscal accountability in the implementation and the expenditure of the school budget.

23.  Maintain adequate student discipline through the implementation of a fair and effective discipline code.

24.  Be responsible for ensuring adequate supervision and acceptable student behavior at all high school sanctioned or sponsored activities.  Be a role model for students.

25.  Encourage and allow students and student organizations to give meaningful and appropriate input to the operation of the school.

26.  Be the educational and instructional leader who:

  • upholds rigorous academic standards and instructional methods that motivate and engage students and faculty.
  • effectively collaborates with faculty, staff, students, families, and community members.
  • is ethical and demonstrates integrity and fairness.
  • promotes student success by understanding, responding to, and influencing larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context.
  • creates a personal, caring, and safe school learning environment that helps students achieve higher standards.
  • applies research knowledge to improve school practices.


27.  Other duties as assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital, veteran status, or the presence of a non-job-related medical condition, or disability. In compliance with the immigration reform and control act of 1986, District 203 intends to hire only individuals authorized to work in the U.S.