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Please send cover letter and resume’ to Lisa Hardy at by Friday, July 7, 2023.   If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at 618-537-4611.


Strong background with the Microsoft Office Package and Google Suite

Excellent organizational and typing skills

Must be able to exercise discretion with regard to confidential information

Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

Detail oriented with emphasis on accuracy

Must be highly dependable with regard to regular attendance and punctual arrival

Must possess the ability to work well with others

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent, in their sole and exclusive role, may find appropriate and acceptable


1. Complete the Annual Financial Report and publish it yearly.

2. Complete the Annual Survey of Government Employees.

3. Assist in gathering and maintaining information related to the tax-exempt status of Lebanon.

4. Complete all financial disbursement for Grants.

5. Assist in gathering information necessary for contract negotiations and calculations pertaining

to the Lebanon seniority list.

6. Complete salary verifications, wage garnishment requests, Housing Authority

reports, and unemployment reports.

7. Assist in calculating initial and final salaries for the applicable employees, update salaries

yearly for payroll purposes, and calculate timesheets for payroll. This includes managing

supplemental payroll reports.

8. Manage and coordinate changes in TRS, IMRF, and other deductions/benefits systems.

9. Complete all applications for Lebanon’s yearly workmen’s compensation, professional liability,

treasurer’s bond, and property/casualty insurance.

10. Gather information, make copies, and assist in the review of all information pertaining to

local, federal, and workmen’s compensation audits and make any necessary adjustments

as needed.

11. Manage the balancing of all Lebanon checking accounts including any audit adjustments

and report distribution that is necessary pertaining to the Imprest Fund, Lebanon Account,

the sweep fund, and other funded grants and supplemental reports and distribute the same

to Lebanon.

12. Assist in writing the IDEA and Preschool projects for the Lebanon School District office. This

involves maintaining the project database and printing and submitting these projects and

preparing quarterly and final expenditure reports.

13. Provide account maintenance for budgets in the SDS financial program. This includes

updating new budget amounts, new budget accounts, and audit adjustments.

14. Review and print correspondence pertaining to accounts payable, which includes the

calculating of the bank invoice, Flow-Through (IDEA) expenditure, and unemployment and

workmen’s compensation expenditures after filing quarterly reports.

15. Maintain the W-4 records of employees, assist with W-2 distribution, and type the Form

1099s that apply to Lebanon School District.

16. Complete paperwork for new employees and update insurance annually for all employees.

17. Generate the yearly TRS Report and supplemental forms by the deadline each year.

18. Prepare the Records Retention Report and distribute the same to the Illinois State Archives

yearly and prepare and distribute the Child Nutrition Programs Annual Financial Report to

the state annually.

19. Terminate employees with IMRF and maintain a list of departing staff.

20. Type up charge account applications and keep record of the same, including Lebanon credit


21. Monitor the approval of purchase orders and the local budgets and distribute monthly

reports to the program supervisors.

22. Maintain confidentiality at all times with regard to students, student information, employees,

and employee information.

23. Provide coverage for other secretarial, clerical, and bookkeeping positions on an as needed

basis as assigned.

24. Abide by all applicable laws and comply with all Lebanon CUSD 9 policies and procedures

(e.g. business department, attendance, computer/internet, schedule, internal paperwork,


25. Perform other duties as assigned.

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