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Therapeutic Day School

Salary: Starting Rate of Pay is $60,000

Additional Pay is Based on Education and Experience.

Benefits: Medical/Dental and 401 K


If you are an out-of-state Special Ed Teacher, we will pay to have you licensed in Illinois. If you are a General Ed Teacher, we will pay for the 4 courses needed for Special Ed LBS-1 with a signed contract. Teaching Bonus for LBS-1 teachers coming in for the 2023-2024 school year.

Longevity Benefits: After 5 years of employment as an LBS-1 teacher, JTC Academy will pay monthly student loans up to the maximum allowable amount by the academy. After three years of successful employment, the employee pays current insurance premiums, to be paid by the academy. Must be an LBS-1 for the required years, 5 years for tuition reimbursement, and three years for paid premiums.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Preferred, LBS-1 Special

About Our School
JTC Academy is a Special Education Therapeutic Day School that creates a nurturing and challenging environment in which all students succeed, develop personal responsibility, and become lifelong learners. We promote partnerships with students, parents, businesses, and the community. We prioritize utilizing effective teaching practices and current technology and providing quality and comprehensive academic, career, and life-skill experiences.

Working at JTC Academy
JTC Academy provides a supportive culture where everything we do fosters our belief that students can redeem themselves and turn past attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors into positive, constructive, life-long success. We have “High Expectations for all Students.” All staff and students are expected to respect the right and dignity of each other at all times. We recognize and respect everyone’s individuality and diversity. All staff is expected to work positively with students daily and to be in attendance every student day. We practice the 3 Rs: Be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible.

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