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The Student Services Director is responsible for developing, implementing, and operating all special
education programs and services. S/he is also responsible for:

  • Coordinate, plan, and serve as liaison with other public and private school districts for special
    education/504 students who are/will be FRG70 students.
  • Coordinate and process referral information, psychological services, social work services, speech
    services, and other related diagnostic services.
  • Coordinate services with outside agencies for eligible students.
  • Coordinate transportation for all students transported to/from off-campus facilities and/or in-district
    students in conjunction with their IEP/504.
  • Assist in recruiting, selecting, and placing certified special education personnel and
    non-certified support staff.
  • Oversee/manage the special education department, including caseloads, implementation of IEP/504
    plans, staff placement, and identification of needs.
  • Ensure compliance by the school with all Federal and State laws and regulations relating to students
    with IEPs/504 plans and/or students referred to Special Education.
  • Oversee/facilitate the district-wide problem-solving process to ensure the identification of at-risk
    students as required through federal (34 CFR 300.111) /state (23 IL Adm Code 226.100) child find
  • Plan with teachers, coordinate scheduling with the secretary, and conduct all IEP, 504, and pre-referral
  • Assume leadership for developing, revising, and evaluating curriculum and programs for special
    education services.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to case managers, related service providers, and support
    service professionals on all aspects of the special education programming and service delivery
    including, but not limited to the following: use of computer systems, goal writing, progress writing,
    progress documentation, parent communication, etc.
  • Recommend and further integrate best practice policies and programs for special education students.
    Serving as test accommodation coordinator for all state and local assessments.
  • Maintain accurate records with regards to personnel and student needs to assist with planning the
    budget for special education programs and resources.
  • Assume responsibility for compiling, maintaining, and filing all reports and records legally required and/or used for district planning.
    Coordinate with BASSC Special Education Cooperative regarding services, programs, and
    reimbursement claims.
  • Coordinate with the Superintendent to write the IDEA, Pre-School, and Early Childhood Block Grants
    Facilitate workshops for parents and/or serve as a resource for the community.
  • Collaborate with the building principal when completing the evaluation of the job performance of all
    student services certified faculty and non-certified support staff.
  • Collaborate with the building administrator and/or social worker to oversee the Home/Hospital
    program, including the provision of homebound services for both general and special education
  • Other duties as assigned by the Building Principals and/or the Superintendent.


Illinois Professional Educator License with a Director of Special Education Endorsement (Preferred)

Master’s Degree


The Board of Education shall determine the salary of the Student Services Director and it shall be
commensurate with his/her responsibilities. Basic criteria for arriving at a salary shall be qualifications,
experience, educational background, and educational leadership.

Additional Notes


(Preferred) previous experience as a Director or Assistant Director of Special Education, or prior experience as
a building level administrator with a background in special education.

The Board of Education shall employ the Student Services Director on a 2-year/ten (10) month contract.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a completed “Teacher Application” found on our website along with a resume, letter of interest, and two to three reference letters.  Our website with additional information can be found here: