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Belleville School District #118 is currently accepting applications for a full-time Behavior Specialist for the 2024-2025 school year.

Interested and qualified candidates should email their resume to Terra Hilmes at

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $40,548.00 per year (Salary schedule included in the Licensed Employee Contract can be found at


Dental insurance
Health insurance
Vision insurance
Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of IL


1.         Master’s level education (minimum)

2.         Group and individual counseling training/experience

3.         Knowledge of the development and implementation of behavior management programs within the classroom, Tiered B-MTSS classroom supports.

4.         Knowledge of school and community resources

5.         Experience in targeting and teaching staff and families how to train replacement behaviors and grow prosocial skill sets.

Job Description/Job Responsibilities:

1.         Individual & group counseling:  The Behavior Specialist will provide support for students in the form of regular-scheduled group and individual counseling sessions, designed to teach social skills, improve self-awareness and self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making skills, and relationship skills.

2.         Teacher consultation, training, and modeling:  The Behavior Specialist will consult with teachers in the development and implementation of a behavior management system.  The Behavior Specialist will provide insight and suggestions concerning the individual needs of students.  The Behavior Specialist will attend multidisciplinary conferences, and collaborate with teachers and team members on B-MTSS within the classroom for both whole class and individualized tiered support.

3.         Family intervention:  The Behavior Specialist will act as a liaison between home and school when more resources are necessary to support the student.  The Behavior Specialist will provide support, offer recommendations, and locate community resources to assist families of Behavior Disorder students as it relates to, or affects their education.

4.         Crisis intervention:  The Behavior Specialist will provide relatively immediate intervention services during crisis situations, which could include dealing with verbally disruptive or physically aggressive students, non-compliant students, and disrupted family situations affecting student’s participation or progress at school.