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The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coordinator will provide support, training, and oversight to
staff and students using techniques, intervention strategies, instruction, and problem solving for
students with behavioral challenges

SUPERVISORS: Principal/Superintendent
POSITION LENGTH: Non Union Grant Funded Position, 3 Years
Required Qualifications: Illinois teaching certification and a minimum of five years
certified teaching experience
Desired Qualifications: Successful teaching experience; experience in staff
development work; crisis prevention training; successful experience in classroom
management techniques and systems; involvement on behavior support teams;
understanding of trauma and/or specialized trauma training; understanding of
behavioral management techniques

● Provide assistance on tier I social emotional learning curriculum and school-wide
positive behavior interventions and supports
● Provide professional development that targets research-based strategies and
the modeling of instructional practices to support teachers in their
implementation of the SEL program
● Co-Facilitate team meetings that address classroom organization, effective
instruction, social emotional instruction, PBIS, childhood trauma, and any other
factors that could affect the effectiveness of changing classroom behaviors
● Model appropriate instruction and social emotional interventions for staff
● Implement and monitor the implementation of social emotional interventions
● Support staff and students in the school setting (i.e. during transitions between
classes, beginning and end of the day, at recess, lunch, and specials) with
optimizing social interactions and social pragmatic instruction in real life

● Create materials to provide social emotional supports that align with academic
and social emotional programming
● Collaborate with individual teachers, groups of teachers and/or the entire staff
through training, modeling and meeting facilitation, on issues such as crisis
intervention, childhood trauma, and the development and implementation of
social emotional interventions
● Provide direct support during times of escalated behaviors and/or crisis
situations and coordinate team support if needed
● Collaborate with related services staff within the buildings and on grant specific
● Support the team in the completion of functional behavior assessments and
positive behavior support plans, as well as the use of data and continued
progress monitoring and fidelity checks
● Demonstrate preparation and skill in working with students from diverse
cultural, economic and ability backgrounds
● Encourage parent and community involvement, obtain information for parents
when requested, promptly return phone calls and answer emails
● Participate in appropriate professional activities
● Other duties as assigned by Principal/Superintendent


Please send cover letter, resume, and references to <>.