County Institute: K-12 Social Worker Roundtable

St. Clair ROE
Spend two hours with your colleagues and discuss some of these pertinent topics as related to your position:  
* 504's - how do you handle/write/role?
* Child/sex trafficking
* Self-harm, self-destructive student, family, staff?
* Eating disorders
* Teaching Erin's law (different grade levels)
This will be a discussion amongst your peers, feel free to bring resources, ideas, questions to share (ceu's will be issued).
Registration will close Oct. 2, 2023.
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County Institute K-8 Physical Education/Coaches: PRIMED for Coaching for Character+Literacy Development (The “Being” and the “Doing” of Character Education in Sports)

Wolf Branch Middle School 410 Huntwood Rd., Swansea
Workshop Location: Wolf Branch Middle School 410 Huntwood Rd. Swansea, IL. Thanks to an SEL Grant this workshop is FREE for all. This training workshop is for PE Teachers, Sport Coaches, and Sport Administrators interested in positive youth development, character education, and social-emotional well-being through sports. The focus is on both the “Being” and “Doing” of Character Education applied to the sport landscape. The dual purpose of this workshop is to provide an understanding of how to apply the “PRIMED for Coaching for Character” framework, rooted in decades of empirical data, to coaching (the “Being” or how to show up our best as coaches), as well as provide a proven playbook to guide the “Doing” of character development through the five progressive stages of Character Literacy Development (CLD), developed by workshop presenter and author, Dr. Pete Paciorek. The workshop participants will be actively involved in group collaborative work and individual reflection time to apply the theories and frameworks around Coaching for Character to themselves and their classes and teams. Through the focus of “Being” coaches of character and “Doing” character education, participants will walk away with effective strategies and tools that are easy to remember and apply to their coaching and teaching. Key objectives are personal and professional development, well-being, and the cultivation of thriving sport team cultures.   Registration closes Oct. 2 at 10am.
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County Institute: Making Meaningful Connections Through Visual Art Experiences K-12

High Mount School Art Room 1721 Boul Ave, Swansea, IL
This event is free for all thanks to an SEL grant.
The art room is often seen as a safe space for students to express themselves, learn about others, make mistakes, and foster new connections. Explore meaningful ways to support students in their social emotional learning through hands-on artmaking experiences and intentional discussions. In addition, we will investigate our own social emotional competence and strategies to focus on our own well-being and sense of connection. Jonathan Juravich is the 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year and the art teacher at Liberty Tree Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio.
*To make this a collaborative experience, all participants should be prepared to share an example of how they engage students with SEL in their classroom spaces. This does not have to be a formal lesson plan but can include a resource to be shared, an example of a student's work, or an idea that is just beginning to percolate.
Registration will close Oct. 2 at 10am.
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Orton Gillingham Comprehensive Plus Follow-Up

St. Clair ROE
The session will start off with Jen teaching a lesson, navigating IOG 2.0 and Q and A of what is working well as well as the opportunity to discuss concerns.  Registration will close 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.    
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K-12 Autism PD Choice Board: Work Smarter Not Harder (Virtually)

This course is designed to research and expand your understanding of Autism and provide effective strategies to assist students in your  K-12 school.  Join us to learn about the characteristics, causes and interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder while working any way you want to.  The class will meet online twice (a meeting link will be sent prior to September 13) and the rest of the work will be done individually via a choice board that will be sent out prior to the first meeting date.  Participants will have the autonomy to complete selected activities as their schedule permits and submit completion/reflections virtually. In order to obtain the 6 pd hours, attendees must attend both virtual sessions and complete all requirements per the facilitator Diane Warfield, Administrator for Instructional Support-Belleville Area Special Services. First class meets on Tuesday, October 17 @ 4:00-4:30pm (virtual) Last Class meets on Tuesday, November 7 @ 4:00-5:00pm (virtual)   Registration will close 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.      
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Get The Most Out of K-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences

St. Clair ROE
Want to make your K-8 parent/teacher conferences a success? This workshop is for you! Join veteran educator Kathy Alt and discover how to make the most out of these essential meetings. Learn practical strategies for setting goals, communicating effectively, building relationships, managing challenges, and creating a welcoming environment that supports all families. Ideal for both new and seasoned teachers who want to improve their conference skills and leave a lasting positive impression on parents. Get ready to impress your families and leave feeling confident and prepared for your next conference.   Registration closes 4 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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Virtual Book Study: Atomic Habits

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results Do you dream of becoming a better version of yourself as a leader, spouse, or parent, but know that change can be extremely difficult?  I've been in that exact same place as a principal, husband, and father.  The tips, tricks, and secrets that I learned in James Clear's book Atomic Habits were transformational for me.  Join me, Dr. Tom Webb Principal of Carterville Intermediate School, for a book study on Atomic Habits, to learn how tiny changes can bring remarkable results.  You'll receive the secrets to transformation, collaboration with peers, 14 CPDU hours, 5 Zoom sessions based solely on application of the content, a complete reflection document, life changing strategies, and as a bonus the first 12 people to register will receive a free book.  Please click below to register and join me 5 Wednesdays in a row from 4:00-5:00pm beginning on 10/18 and ending on 11/15.
Target Audience: Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals, Team Leaders, and Department Chairs.  Anyone that plays a leadership role in your school will benefit from this experience.
Dates / Times: Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, and 11/15.  I will also offer an optional kickoff to 2024 on 12/13 applying this content to individuals personal lives.  Participants will be sent virtual link(s) prior to the sessions and must attend ALL 5 sessions to earn 14 pd hours. Partial pd credit will not be given and attendees can’t participate unless wanting/needing pd hours.
The ROE has 12 copies of the book and will be raffling these off to 12 participants free of charge.
Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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Instructional Coach Symposium

St. Clair ROE
The morning session of the first coach symposium of the 2023-2024 school year will have a session presented by O'Fallon 90 Coaches, Amie Corso Reed and Jenna Klier "Leveraging Discussion to Support Any Learning Goal".  Session description: Engaging participants in meaningful conversations is a powerful way to support learning, regardless of the age of the learner or the content being discussed. This session is designed to meet the needs of instructional coaches. We will provide strategies for leveraging student discussion to promote reading, writing, and mathematical thinking. We will include strategies for engaging adult learners in professional learning. Leave the session with a range of practical strategies to use across all audiences. The afternoon of the symposium will be spent networking, collaborating, problem solving and sharing resources as related to the coaching position.   Registrations close 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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K-12 AP/Dean/Director Breakaway

St. Clair ROE
Join your fellow AP's, Deans, Directors or Specialists in the second breakaway of the 2023-2024 school year. Dr. Tim Bono of Washington University will facilitate 2 mini sessions (Science of Happiness & Building Trust).  The first session will review some of his favorite studies from his popular course on the Science of Happiness and outline simple research-based strategies we can all incorporate into our lives to become just a little happier every day. In particular, we’ll dispel some of the myths around the pursuit of happiness and delve into the behaviors and mindsets that are capable of bringing sustainable gains in our day-to-day well-being. What the happiest and most successful organizations all have in common boils down to one single variable: Trust. When we trust those around us, we are positioned to optimize our productivity and well-being—both as individuals and as teams over all. Building trust, of course, requires thinking not only of what is in the best interest of an individual staff member or individual department, but more broadly about what is good for the larger organization, school, or district. This highly interactive session pairs up all participants in an activity demonstrating that cooperation (even when it causes initial inconvenience or extra work) can end up benefiting everyone (including the individual staff/department) in the long run.   Attendees will have time afterwards to collaborate, problem solve, network and share resources as related to their positions. Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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The Ins & Outs of Trauma & Your Classroom

St. Clair ROE
This presentation discusses what trauma looks like in a K-8 classroom. Join Whiteside # 115 Social Worker Amy Leritz and classroom teacher Cassie Downs as they will provide you with both perspectives from their current positions. Participants will examine what behaviors you might see from students with trauma and explore strategies to build positive relationships with students. This session will also encourage participants to reflect upon how you as the teacher or staff member manage your students' trauma and behavior. Amy and Cassie will provide some tools for you to use in your classroom and facilitate discussion/strategy sessions around your current struggles in your classrooms. Targeted audience: Educators, Paraprofessionals, Related Support Personnel   Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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