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1.             Hold a paraprofessional license.

2.             Pleasant personality and neat appearance.

3.             Able to work with and around children.

4.             Ability to operate audio-visual equipment.

5.             Keyboarding skills.

6.             Ability to maintain confidentiality.

7.             Emotional and physical ability to perform duties required by assignment.

8.             Have a good command of the English language.

9.             Have a basic knowledge of first aid and health room procedures.

10.           Possess general knowledge of office equipment.

Supervisor:Assigned Teachers(s) and/orBuilding Principal


1.             Supervises students receiving instruction.

2.             Extends instruction to small groups of students after initial teacher presentation.

3.             Checks students work as directed.

4.             Test new students and sets up their files.

5.             Administers tests as directed.

6.             Assists students who have been absent from school.

7.             Keeps designated supply levels constant.

8.             Cares for equipment and facilities.

9.             Handles various student fees.

10.           Assists in preparation of bulletin board displays.

11.           Creates and locates instructional materials.

12.           Assists with field trip planning, preparation, and participation.

13.           Assists with student records.

14.           Works in school office as directed.

15.           Duplicates materials.

16.           Assists students as needed.

17.           Assists volunteers as needed.

18.           Assists with health room procedures when necessary as outlined in the medication guidelines

19.           Maintains positive public relations.

20.          Other duties as assigned.

Employment    When school is in session  5 hours per day

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