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Individual Care Aide Job Description




1.             Hold a paraprofessional license.

2.             Basic knowledge of first aid and health room procedures.

3.             Strength and ability to lift assigned students.

4.             Emotional and physical ability to perform duties required by assignment.

5.             Certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

6.             Pleasant personality and neat appearance.

7.             Able to work with and around children.

8.             Ability to operate audio-visual equipment.

9.             Keyboarding skills.

10.           Ability to maintain confidentiality.

11.           Have a good command of the English language.

12.           Possess general knowledge of office equipment.


Supervisor:Building Principal, Classroom Teacher, and Certified School Nurse in medical matters




1.             Provide for student’s individual needs as prescribed in IEP and directed by teacher.

2.             Provide for student’s physical care as needed.

3.             With appropriate training, be prepared to deal with student’s physical, mental and/or emotional impairments as directed.

4.             Correct disruptive behavior, as directed, constructively and consistently.

5.             Assist with instruction as determined by teachers or student needs.

6.             Lift student as required.

7.             Accompany student through daily routine.

8.             Perform functions as required for specific student (attach information on specific student).

9.             Participate in ongoing evaluation of student needs and notify teacher of changes in condition.

10.           Establishes as fully as possible a supportive and sympathetic relationship with the students without fostering or encouraging intense emotional involvement or dependence.

11.           Other duties as assigned.




Terms of Employment to correspond with student’s needs, attendance, and IEP







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