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JOB TITLE: Hall Monitor
FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt
Provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for all students, faculty,
staff and visitors. Provide information and assistance to the public, staff and students.
High School diploma or equivalent
Ability to pass fingerprint criminal background check
Must be agile and mobile
Must be able to walk throughout an 8 hour day, including climbing stairs when necessary
REPORTS TO: Director of Safety and Security
Performance responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. Maintain high visibility at all times
2. Monitor student traffic in hallways
3. Monitor/control main entry door access
4. Ensure the doors of the school are secured and locked
5. Monitor campus property through visual surveillance cameras
6. Identify visitors and ask for appropriate documents, (ie: personal identification)
7. Provide assistance, information and direction to students and visitors on campus
8. Maintain order on campus pursuant to school policies and State law
9. Assist building administration as needed
10. Inform Resource Officer/Assistant Principal of any building security matters
11. Use portable radio and laptop computer as needed
12. Communicate effectively, take accurate notes, and write detailed reports of incidents
which occur on campus as needed
13. Possess good written and verbal communication skills
14. Attend training as needed
15. Other duties as assigned
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 174 days/year, 8 hrs/day

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