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  • District 90

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POSITION: Behavior Interventionist

REPORTS TO: Building Principal(s), Superintendent

Behavior interventionists design and implement behavior programs to reduce unwanted behaviors and increase desirable behaviors. The behavior interventionist will coach staff in utilizing research based behavior management techniques in all school settings.

1. Professional Educator License (PEL).
2. Master’s level of Education preferred.
3. Training in ABA, Behavior, Autism, Special Education, and/or Social Work/Counseling preferred.
4. Knowledge of the development and implementation of functional behavior analysis and behavior intervention plans.
5. Knowledge of available school and community resources.
6. Highly dependable with excellent communication skills with students, parents, and professional staff.
7. Knowledge of multiple disability categories.

1. Observe students and collect data to most accurately assess and understand the presented concerns.
2. Generate a list of research-based strategies and interventions to address the questions at hand for distribution to the parties involved.
3. Maintain a consultative relationship throughout the process with the relevant teachers and/or administrators.
4. Model intervention implementation in classroom and other school settings.
5. Provide a written summary of observations, suggested interventions and findings to the parties involved in each case.
6. Consult with teachers on development, implementation, and revisions of functional behavior analysis and behavior intervention plans.
7. Assist in providing social skills lessons and/or training with teachers and related service staff.
8. Provide feedback, ideas, and/or suggestions to members of students’ IEP teams when necessary.
9. Collaborate with IEP team members and participate effectively in the IEP process when necessary.
10. Participate in or lead problem solving meetings, including Tier 2/3 PBIS teams.
11. Engage in continuing education and professional development activities in order to stay informed about the most recent issues pertinent to the field.
12. Participate in program-specific training as required by the supervising administrator.
13. Provide workshops and presentations to staff and district programs as needed.
14. Assist staff with SASS referrals as necessary.
15. Remain current and updated with regard to the applicable teacher certification issues.
16. Abide by all applicable laws and comply with all District 90/BASSC policies and procedures (e.g. business department, attendance, computer/internet, schedule, internal paperwork, etc.).
17. Maintain confidentiality at all times with regard to students and student information.
18. Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

To apply for this job please visit of90.net.