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Position        Noon Hour Supervisor

Job Summary

Qualifications/Minimum Requirements

Have a positive attitude toward students.
Be physically able to perform duties in all kinds of weather.
Be emotionally suited to controlling students tactfully and firmly.
Have a pleasing personality.
Be prompt and dependable.
Participate in simple first aid training conducted by the school nurse.
Reports to        Building Principal



Supervises and assists children in the lunchroom.
Dismisses children from the lunchroom.
Cleans tables after lunch period.
Supervises children on the playground.
Supervises children in designated areas during inclement weather.
Notifies principal and/or teachers of inappropriate student behavior.
Keeps the principal and/or teachers informed of problems.
Administers simple first aid to students.
Reports and records student’s injuries according to established procedures. Maintains positive public relations. .
Other duties as assigned by supervisors.
Terms of Employment     1.5 to 2.0 hours per day when school is in session.






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