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This position will go between Carriel Jr High and Fulton Jr High.



1. Minimum of 30 semester hours of college.

2. Ability to independently run a classroom of up to 30 or more students without

certified oversight.

3. Emotionally and physically able to perform duties required of assignment.

4. Good command of the English Language.

5. General knowledge of subject areas and ability to assist students with academics.

6. Ability to implement effective disciplinary practices.

7. Ability to deal with parents and guardians.

8. Willing to continue training for professional development.


Supervisor Building Principal



1. Supervise the independent operation of seven period per day Study Hall without

certified oversight.

2. Supervise and assist students who are assigned to Study Hall.

3. Ensure that students bring sufficient materials and use time wisely in Study Hall.

4. Supervise, monitor and assist student’s appropriate use of computer systems.

5. Supervise, monitor and assist student’s needing academic assistance.

6. Establish and maintain classroom discipline and behavior standards.

7. Establish and maintain a consequence system for students with disciplinary


8. Coordinate student behavior problems with parents or guardians.

9. Attend disciplinary conferences as needed with parents, students, teachers and


10. Refer students with disciplinary problems to Directed Study, social worker, nurse

and administration.

11. Provide individual assistance to students struggling academically in other classes.

12. Administer make-up tests and assignments when a student has been absent.

13. Monitor appropriate student behavior in halls, restrooms, cafeteria and classroom


14. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Terms of Employment When school is in session 7 hours per day.

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