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ELA certification preferred

Illinois Professional Educators License with middle school endorsement in Language Arts
Must have knowledge of scientifically research based reading strategies.
Emotionally and physically able to perform duties required of assignments
Good command of the English language
Willing to continue training for professional grwoth
Computer proficiency


Supervisor:  Building Principal

Job Goal:                Works with staff to re-teach and reinforce curriculum with emphasis on reading skills in small groups.  It will be the primary responsibility of the Interventionist to focus on increasing the achievement and reading level of students that are reading below grade level.


1.        Design, deliver and administer the Prevention Plan for students who are one grade level or more behind in reading proficiency.

2.       Provide an intensive, individualized, hands-on reading program.

3.       Provide daily support to teachers of 3-5 classrooms.

4.       Provide in-class support for teachers by assisting in screening and diagnostic activities, monitoring intervention strategies, and monitoring student progress.

5.       Model scientific-based reading strategies.

6.       Collaborate with and become an integral part of the School Literacy Team and work closely with district Reading Improvement Team to plan professional development

7.       Participate in and receive high quality training in topics aligned with scientifically based reading research and methods.

8.       Other duties as assigned.


Terms of Employment: 9 months


Application Procedure:
Apply online

Selection Procedure:  It is not necessary that you contact the District #90 administrators to request an interview.  The following procedure will be followed:

1.  Applications will be reviewed.

2. Based upon the assessment of the application, the most promising candidates will be contacted for a personal interview.

3. Following the interview process, a written recommendation will be prepared supporting the employment decision.

4. The recommendation for employment will be presented by the Superintendent to the Board of Education for consideration and action.

5. Those Candidates who were interviewed will be notified of the Board’s decision.