Lori Costello,
Regional Superintendent

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Lori Costello,
Regional Superintendent

The St. Clair County Regional Office of Education hosts two distinct educational programs at the Alternative Ed Center. Both programs are county-wide and feature individualized instruction as a major component of the curriculum. The two programs are:


Illinois Hunger Coalition Hotline: 1-800-359-2163  OR http://www.feedingillinois.org/

IF YOUR CHILD NEEDS SUMMER FOOD The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Seamless Summer Option (SSO) are federal nutrition programs that provide free and nutritious meals to children 18 years old and younger.  The summer nutrition programs are sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered by the Illinois Hunger Coalition’s Hunger Hotline (1-800-359-2163) serves as the statewide phone number for families to call to find a Summer Meals site near them.



The Regional Safe Schools Program, or Safe School, is an alternative program that provides services to 5th – 12th grade students from public schools in St. Clair County. The Safe School operates under the guidelines of the Illinois State Board of Education as well as state and federal laws. At the high school level, the program serves only expulsion-eligible students. Students in the 5th – 8th grades may be considered for placement at the Safe School for a variety of reasons, including suspension/eligibility for suspension or expulsion.

The Safe School incorporates some practices not found in traditional public school settings. Other practices of the Safe School are similar to those found in public schools. The Safe School provides a traditional public school curriculum as well as a behavior management curriculum. The statewide program began serving Illinois students in 1997 and is based upon PA 89-383, which provided for a system of alternative education programs for disruptive students.

Every student is considered on a case-by-case basis. Students with a 504 Plan or IEP are considered, but please be aware that we have no special education services available. The special education student must able to work within our curriculum.


Students can only be referred by the home school. In late April or early May, schools should begin making decisions as to which students they are considering referring to the Safe School. When those decisions are made, we ask that referral forms be returned in early June. Decisions are made on prospective students in late July or early August. Referrals are accepted throughout the school year. Space is limited. For a referral form, click the following link: SAFE SCHOOL REFERRAL FORM


Using AutoSkills, a computer-based program used in our math and reading classes, students are pre-tested to determine skills in which they may be deficient. Students are then post-tested to measure improvement in each subject area. AutoSkills has shown to be an effective way to significantly improve reading and math skill levels.

Every effort is made to individualize the student’s schedule to meet his/her needs and the requirements of the home school district. If at all possible, students are placed in the same courses determined by the home school. If a student enters during the semester, all attempts are made to continue his/her current course curriculum.


Enrollment at the Safe School is considered by semester. Students are normally placed at the Safe School for one semester. However, enrollments of two to three semesters will be considered if circumstances warrant.

Stay in School (SIS) Alternative Attendance Program

St. Clair County R.O.E. 50

Mission: The Stay in School (SIS) Alternative Attendance Program seeks to provide continuity of the educational experience to St. Clair County students who would otherwise receive a traditional out-of-school suspension.  The certified educators who staff the program will communicate with students’ referring schools and assist and instruct students as they complete all of the activities provided by the referring school for the duration of their placement.

Location: Second floor, St. Clair R.O.E. 50 Alternative Education Center (Safe School), 1722 West Main Street, Belleville, IL  62222


8:45 – 9:15   Students arrive: Students will be received by SIS staff and directed to the assigned room
9:15 – 11:40   Work Session: Students will meet with SIS staff to list and discuss the days assignemnts.  Materials from the referring school will be distributed, and students will begin work.
11:40 – 12:00   Lunch: Students will be served lunch in the SIS room to which they have been assigned.
12:00 – 2:45   Work Session AND conferences with SIS staff: Staff will meet with students individually, check their progress, and discuss their performance that day.
2:45 – 3:15   Students depart.


Expectations for Student Behavior:

  • Students will follow the instructions of SIS staff and all Alternative Education Center faculty and building staff members.
  • Students will complete all assignments provided by the home school or assigned by SIS staff for that day and ask for assistance when necessary.
  • Students will remain in the sections of the building designated for use by the SIS program.
  • Students will use appropriate language, volume, and tone; no profanity, insults, threats, harassments, bullying, etc. will be tolerated.
  • Students will refrain from physical contact of any kind with staff members or other students.
  • Any and all electronic devices, including (but not limited to) cell phones, tablets, music players, gaming devices et al. must remain out of sight and silent.

Consequences for Violating Behavior Expectations:

  1. First violation: Warning
  2. Second violation: Warning
  3. Third violation: Report sent to referring school; student may be isolated from other students where possible
  4. Fourth violation: Report sent to referring school; possible recommendation to terminate SIS placement, initiate out-of-school suspension.

Registration Instructions: Students can be registered for SIS any time before 9 A.M. on the day their placement is to begin.  Registration can be completed online in just a few minutes.

To register:

  • Go to the SIS registration site (www.stclair.k12.il.us/aes).
  • Enter your login (your three-digit distric number) and password (the first three letters of your district’s name, followed by your three-digit district number).  Passwords can be changed upon request.
  • Complete the brief registration form.  SIS staff will confirm the registration before 9:00 A.M. the following school day.

For students who receive free for reduced-price lunches, please forward documentation to amccammon@stclair.k12.il.us or fax to (618) 233-6982


AEC Staff


Stacy Louderman, Principal



Heather Wallace, Lead Teacher



Tracy Gocal, Teacher



Chris Schilling, Teacher



Nicole McDonnell, Teacher



Mindi Lembke; Teacher



Patty Watkins; Co-Op



Catherine Sanders, Administrative Assistant



Andy McCammon, SIS Coordinator



Steve Argus, Custodian