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Position is from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Paraprofessional license.


Minimum of 30 semester hours of college credit.
Pleasant personality and neat appearance
Able to work with and around children
Ability to operate audio-visual equipment
Keyboarding skills
Ability to maintain confidentiality
Emotionally and physically able to perform duties required of position
Have a good command of the English language
Have a basic knowledge of first aid and health procedures
Possess general knowledge of office equipment


Assist in designing  developmentally/ individually appropriate activity- based learning experiences for preschool age children.Assist in planning and implementing activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the children in the program
Provide nutritious snacks and lunches, including preparation and cleaning up afterwards
Provide adequate equipment and activities
Ensure equipment and the facility are clean, well maintained and safe at all times, including before, during, and after sessions
Prepare and maintain the learning environment
Set up art materials and clean up afterwards
Put away children’s art work when dry
Sharpen pencils, cut paper, check paper supplies in the classroom and replace when needed
Help keep the closets and storage areas orderly. Develop culturally appropriate programs and activities
Assist during activities that introduce math and literacy concepts
Be familiar with emergency policies
Incorporate family resources, priorities and concerns into the preschool curriculum.Provide parents with ongoing informal information
Discuss identified problems and needs with professionals as appropriate
Promote literacy and early education
Facilitate positive interaction between children and adults recognizing diversity as a strength in children and families.
Use assessment tools/ procedures according to standard and applies State/ national guidelines/ mandates in child evaluation.Assist teachers with documentation and maintaining daily assessments on children, including portfolios
Be familiar with the Illinois Early Learning Standards
Providing teachers with input concerning individual child’s progress and assist in gathering samples of children’s work
Articulates a professional development planActive participant in staff meetings, generating and exchanging ideas, goal setting and in sharing the responsibility for all children enrolled
Supervise children in the preschoolEnsure children are supervised at all times
Actively engaged in learning experiences with the children during class time
Supervise children in the bathrooms; change wet pants as needed, place soiled pants in plastic bags and label
Supervise children during rest time; rub backs during initial nap transition, provide quiet activities for non-resting children, and assist in curriculum planning and preparation while children are resting
Supervise children during outdoor play
Supervise and assist children during lunch time; open containers, clean up spills, assist children when feeding if needed, and cleaning up afterward
Build children’s self esteem
Comfort children
Establish routines and provide positive guidance
Implement positive discipline when required
Clearly and effectively communicate in a manner that children understand
Observe children and make note of progress

Terms of employment when school is in session        8 hours per day

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