Navigating the Ins & Outs of the IAR

Wolf Branch Middle School 410 Huntwood Rd., Swansea

Note - This workshop will be held at Wolf Branch Middle School (Media Center) 410 Huntwood Rd. Swansea, IL.  Cost to attend $25.00 per person (lunch will be delivered on site).

Join ISBE assessment content specialists and leadership as we map the journey of the standards and evidence statements into the creation of assessment items and forms, and then consider what the resulting data may do to inform our location along the journey. Feel free to load your car up with your teammates and pack in your local data so that we can spend time unpacking it together!

Target audience: Building Administrators, Curriculum Directors, Continuous Improvement Teams, Teachers should bring a fully charged laptop. Additionally, if district teams have other assessment data (AIMSweb, MAP, etc.) feel free to bring this along.

Spots are limited - districts with a large number of attendees can request an invoice and specific ticket for registration and payment.  Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event date unless tickets are sold out.
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Paraprofessional Symposium

High Mount School 1721 Boul Ave, Swansea, IL
This event will be held at High Mount School (1721 Boul Ave. Swansea) - participants will need to bring a lunch with them to this session. As we prepare to start the 2024-2025 school year, we know that paraprofessionals play a critical role in our classrooms. Whether you are a brand new or experienced paraprofessional, join us in a day of learning with 3 outstanding presenters from our county. Session 1 will be presented by Dr. Emma Cornelius, retired administrator from Cahokia # 187: Strategies to support Paraprofessionals in the classroom. In this session with Dr. Cornelius, paraprofessionals will be able to understand their role and duties as we discuss the transition from caregiver to facilitator of learning. Paraprofessionals will be able to understand the role of assisting with the successful inclusion of students assigned to them. Paraprofessionals will be able to identify ways to celebrate diversity and cultivate a positive mindset.

Session 2 will be presented by Diane Warfield, Administrator for Instructional Support (Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative): What does a paraprofessional do in a Special Education Classroom? Welcome to an in-service training session aimed at preparing paraprofessionals for the field of special education, as well as, expanding the knowledge and skills of those who already work in the field.  Skills and knowledge every paraeducator will need to be able to implement in the classroom and will be covered are Disabilities Overview, Behavioral/De-escalation Strategies, Classroom Duties, Data Collection, Classroom Routines, Related Services, Reinforcement, Resources and Supports

Session 3 will be presented by Reena Hamil, Reading Specialist at Dr. Katie Harper Wright - East St. Louis District # 189: Supporting Literacy in K-8 Classrooms: Activities to Develop Word Recognition, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Spelling. Classroom teachers have limited time to provide at risk students with the amount of direct instruction needed to improve their literacy skills. Paraprofessionals can support teachers by providing one-on-one and/or small group instruction. This workshop is for paraprofessionals in grades K-8 who would like strategies on how they can assist the classroom teacher in word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, and spelling. Paraprofessionals will be provided a brief background on what causes students to struggle to learn to read, learn the three components of word recognition, and practice blending and segmenting activities that help develop reading and spelling. They will also gain an understanding of what it means to be a fluent reader and will be provided strategies that will assist in improving fluency and developing vocabulary.   Spots are limited, registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event date unless tickets are sold out.
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 Foundations of Well-being in a K-12 School Setting

Freeburg High School # 77 401 S Monroe St., Freeburg, IL
Note: This event is free and will be held at Freeburg Community High School # 77 401 S. Monroe St. Freeburg, IL 62243. Being in education is a challenging job.  It is normal to fall into burnout and stress.  Get revived with an uplifting workshop that focuses on prioritizing your well-being.  The session is available to ALL teachers and administrators and staff, and will provide tips, strategies, and immediate, hands-on practices.  Learn small ways (and big) to create better habits that support well-being and have huge payoffs.  Designed to be restorative and rejuvenating, light stretching, breathing exercises and other mindfulness techniques will be taught. And these can be used both personally and incorporated in a classroom. Comfortable clothing is encouraged, but NO special physical strength or ability is required. Increase your self-awareness and self-management skills, while learning more about your social/emotional and physical health.  Come enjoy a workshop that is all about increasing feelings of well-being, so you can approach your job and your life with more creativity, enthusiasm, positivity and less stress.
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AA #820 Legal Updates

CAVE 7645 Magna Drive, Suite 1, Belleville 
  This Administrator Academy is free for all to attend. Academy credit or professional development hours can be issued. Note this academy will be held at the Center for Academic & Vocational Excellence ("CAVE") 7645 Magna Drive, Suite 1 Belleville, IL 62223. This course provides information to school administrators on standards for the conduct, ethics and rights of school personnel. This course discusses the various standards an administrator needs to be aware of in the everyday course of doing their job; including laws, regulations, and mandates for the management of school personnel. If attendees are wanting Academy Credit, administrators must watch 2 of the 4 videos provided and complete and submit the provided application/dissemination on or before Friday August 23, 2024 at 12:00pm Registration closes 8.6.24 at 12:00pm.
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K-12 AP/Dean/Director/Supervisor Breakaway

St. Clair ROE
Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year and the first K-12 AP/Dean/Director/Supervisor Breakaway of the school year! Please join us in this PLN where you will network with fellow colleagues and walk away with leadership tools and return to your school with resources, ideas, solutions and inspiration! This session will be facilitated by Dr. Julie Sperry from Character Plus. Upon the conclusion of this session, time will be given to debrief and collaborate with fellow colleagues. Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event date unless tickets are sold out.
Understanding Yourself: The Foundation of Effective Leadership

During this Breakaway session, we will explore the significance of self-awareness in fostering effective teamwork and empathy towards others (adults and students). Through immersive and engaging activities, leaders will gain valuable insights into their own motivations and leadership styles.  By cultivating self-awareness, leaders will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and how it contributes to embracing diverse viewpoints, impacting collaboration and communication and problem solving. Key takeaways will include enhanced interpersonal skills, improved team dynamics, and a renewed emphasis on overall well-being, both individually and as a team. You are invited to join your colleagues on this journey of self-awareness translated into actionable impact.

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AA # 4050 Evaluator Initial Training and Retraining for School Leaders

St. Clair ROE
PDC Member Districts $375.00 Non PD Co-op Districts $410.00 (lunch is included on site) This two-day academy is for administrators who are seeking initial training qualification or retraining to be legally qualified to conduct evaluations of principals and assistant principals. The academy provides instruction on implementing a continuous school leader growth model using the School Leader Evaluation Plan, which is based on the School Leader Paradigm developed by the School Leader Collaborative, a group of 14 state principal associations from across the country. The plan is aligned to the Illinois Performance Standards for School Leaders and meets the requirements of 23 Illinois Administrative Code 50 Subpart D: Performance Evaluation Plans: Principals and Assistant Principals.   Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the event date or the amount is non-refundable.
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Support & Tools When Navigating Grief & Loss in K-12

St. Clair ROE
We walk alongside grieving students and colleagues on a regular basis.  While grief is a natural human response to loss, many of us question our abilities to support those who are grieving.  This workshop will expand participants’ knowledge of grief theories, discuss practical applications and techniques to support grieving community members, and teach participants how to create a grief care plan.  This seminar will use a combination of lecture, clinical experiences, small group discussions, and individual reflection activities. CEU's will be available, registration will close 4-5 days prior to the event unless the tickets are sold out.
Target Audience: Counselors, social workers, administrators, related support personnel
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ACT Preparation

St. Clair ROE
This professional development will outline essential skills students need to ensure success on the ACT assessment (approved by ISBE May 2024). This will require schools to transition to the ACT suite of assessments. ACT assesses the following: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and has an essay component. Staff will benefit from a deeper understanding about how the ACT suite of assessments can inform instruction as well as offer data about potential academic pathways for students. Preparation for the ACT should begin at the start of any high school career. Data from the 8th grade Illinois Assessment of Readiness can serve as a springboard to inspire goals and create a high school schedule.  The differences between SAT and ACT will be discussed so educators can ensure maximum student success and school level accountability to learning. Participants should bring a fully charged laptop to this event. Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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Anxiety in the Early Childhood Age Student

St. Clair ROE
Have you ever wondered about your young student’s fears and worries?  Why are so many children showing signs of anxiety these days?  What can teachers and schools do to help a preschool or primary child who often seems worried, is shy, or has difficulty separating from parents or speaking in the classroom?  Join Amy Maus MSW, LCSW West County Psychological Associates Assistant Director as she covers anxiety in the young child and provides many helpful strategies.  Time for questions and discussion throughout this session. Registration closes 4-5 days prior to the event date unless tickets are sold out (CEU's are available).
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Novice Teacher Academy: Effective Teaching Practices K-12

St. Clair ROE
Are you a teacher in years 0-5? This year ROE # 50 will be hosting a variety of Novice Teacher Academies focusing on various topics. 
Join OTHS # 203 Retired Principal Rich Bickel, IPA Southwestern Illinois High School Principal of the Year and former ISBE Teacher of the Year Finalist, as he shares strategies and information to assist you in the 2024-2025 school year. This session will focus on effective professional practices within the four domains of the Danielson-based model, from a practical, down to earth, every-day perspective.  From planning and preparation, to establishing a positive and effective classroom environment, to effective instructional practices, to fulfilling professional responsibilities, the approaches, imperatives, and strategies discussed will be able to be put to use immediately to enhance teaching performance no matter how many years you have been in the classroom. Registration closes 4 days prior to the event unless tickets are sold out.
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